Find the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business. It’s Never Too Late!

A great bookkeeper will make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.   However, often the biggest challenge is finding that right bookkeeper who will add value to your business instead of costing you money. 

Here’s some strategies that can help to find you a bookkeeping superstar:

  • Ensure you have developed a clear role description including the tasks, reports and timeframes within which you would like work completed.
  • Interview 2- 3 bookkeepers to find the one that ‘clicks’ with you and is offering you all the services you need for a reasonable price.
  • Look for a bookkeeper backed by a Chartered Accounting or CPA Accounting practice.   They have better support and advice on hand for any issues that may require expert advice.
  • Ensure the bookkeeper is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board. This ensures they have a certain level of experience and qualifications in order to competently complete your work.   You can verify if someone has these credentials by using the Agent Register at
  • Don’t make the mistake of selecting a bookkeeper based on the cheapest price, it’s worth paying extra for an experienced bookkeeper who can complete the work more rapidly and add value to your business.
  • Ask your bookkeeper how they keep up to date with legislative changes, employment laws and GST laws and current business practices.
  • Setup a cloud-based accounting system like Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB to streamline bank account reconciliation and to reduce paperwork.
  • Ask for a price for your bookkeeper to spend some time in your business to understand your current processes to ensure you are following best practices.
  • Ask the bookkeeper to explain your P&L / Balance Sheet to you if you are confused by any of the lines.   It’s essential as the business owner that you know what every entry refers to.

If you would like an obligation free review of your business accounts and bookkeeping processes, contact us for details.  It only takes less than 45 minutes and could save you thousands.

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